Saturday, May 28, 2011

lunch with friends

I'm so happy that I have a friend that keeps on me about lunch dates. She will email the group of us and say that she is needing a girl's lunch, and then we all send in dates that will work for us. It normally takes a few weeks for everyone to find an open day but when we get together, it is so nice to see each other. Bonus for today was that I was able to use a gift card to pay!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I love my babies

but oh my goodness, sometimes it's hard to be a mama! So, let's take a deep breath and write down a couple amazing things about my amazing kids! And I'm very happy that they are not yet old enough to usefree dating online yet!

Miss Ivy

  1. finished a full book of Ivy and Bean withing 24 hours of checking it out at the library

  2. took over all of her medicine duties for her canker sores in her mouth. whoever said that childproof caps are made only for children is right

  3. she can wear her pajamas all day and love every single second of it.

Mister Bec

  1. the kid runs on every single cylinder in his body at full tilt from the minute his eyes fly open in the morning

  2. he is my only child that can tell when I'm in a bad mood and may need a kind word or two

  3. he can play with his toys like no other child I have ever seen. the noises that he makes for his trains and cars are like none other as well

Mister Hen

  1. He is starting to talk so much more now, stringing more and more words together

  2. He still takes a nice long nap which lets me snuggle him and take a nice long nap beside him

  3. this kid loves to sing and dance along with his television shows. even if he is super tired, he will jump up and sing and move to the opening of Backyardigans and it makes me smile.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

7 things that make Ivy happy

    While I was typing away the other evening, Ivy wanted to come up with her own happiness list. Here is what she came up with.

  1. my dog

  2. my family

  3. my cousins

  4. my babies (stuffed animals)

  5. doing crafts

  6. art

  7. my polka dot blanket

riding boots