Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today for lunch I made myself one of my favorite meals. A broccoli/egg burrito. I know it sounds gross, but I love it. I make the frozen broccoli. Then I scramble a couple of eggs and put the broccoli in. Today I had a little bit of spinach and I threw that in too. I sprinkle on some cheddar and let it melt. then I scoop it all up in a warm flour tortilla with hot sauce. I could eat this every day. And it's so easy I could make it while talking on my various cell phones
And I will eat it again and again until I run out of broccoli. then it'll be weeks before I have it again because I'll forget to buy broccoli. but when I finally remember, this is the first thing that I make.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playing hooky

from basketball tonight. Instead of driving 3 hours to watch my nephew, I had Ivy's dental appointment. I would have loved to go to the game but taking care of the cavities seemed more pressing. I can only imagine what it's going to be like when I have to start thinking about the best acne products for all three of them. I'm going to go nuts. I hope that my sister remembers to text me the scores throughout the game.


This may seem over the top for a lot of dog owners, but something that has made me happy today is our bark collar for Zel. Hey, at least I'm not writing about colon cleansers!

When we first got her, she would not bark at all. She was so timid that she rarely made a sound. Now that she is much more comfortable with us she has been barking more and more.

The night barking got pretty bad. She sleeps downstairs in her own bathroom, but a couple of weeks ago she started to bark after being put down for the night. Since she wanted to be around us, she would stop barking when I went down to reprimand her and could never catch her in the act. It was soooo frustrating.

We bought one of those collars that sprays them with citronella right when they are barking. I only put it on her at night when she has to go to bed. On the third night I was able to leave it off of her and she still did not bark. It's been a godsend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Right now

DH is treating Henry's eczema after his shower, while we are waiting for dinner. It has been wonderful that DH has been having a wonderful route and getting home at a wonderful time each night this week.

On the side table in the dining room is a huge package of zines and indie books just waiting for me to open them and read them. It's one of the best presents I can ever give to myself.

I'll let you know which ones I love. I'm sure there are many treasures.

Saving Henry

I finished this book on Saturday. It was rough to read as it was about parents and doctors trying to save a little boys' life through stem cell research. Thinking that since I had a little bit of experience with infertility and such, I assumed that I would be able to kind of tolerate and empathize with this family, without being blindsided by the devastating lows that they would go through. I was wrong. It was heartbreaking. I should have researched the most popular diet pills of 2010 instead of reading it. But, I did learn a lot. It's going to haunt me.

I gave it 3 stars.

The Heretic Queen

Making myself happier, includes reading on a regular basis. I finished The Heretic Queen on Sunday.

It was easy. It kept my attention. I only really read it because it was given to me by a friend at work ( no barcode scanner needed for this book) and some of my other friends had read it. I like anything about ancient Egypt, but now after 3 or so books that are labeled "historical fiction", I don't think that I like that genre very much.

I gave it 3 stars.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bec 1/8/11

Last night when we were driving back from a basketball game, Bec tells me that when he is older he is going to fly an airplane to his land. (Africa) He then says, "Mom, will you come with me and sit right in the spot next to me? You will have to hold the globe. Then when I need to find Africa, you can hand it to me, so I can find Africa and not get lost." As long as he had an HDTV set up for the flight, I'm going with him!

Becken 1/6/11

My niece Jaiya, Ivy and Becken were playing at my mom's house this week. While in their playroom, Bec saw a globe by the glass tile in the window and showed Jaiya (12) where Africa is. He said, This is my land Jaiya. Then Ivy says, "Becken, what was your Africa mommy's name?" Then Bec replies, "I'm not sure that I remember, but I think it was Cindy."

Where does he come up with these things?