Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This may seem over the top for a lot of dog owners, but something that has made me happy today is our bark collar for Zel. Hey, at least I'm not writing about colon cleansers!

When we first got her, she would not bark at all. She was so timid that she rarely made a sound. Now that she is much more comfortable with us she has been barking more and more.

The night barking got pretty bad. She sleeps downstairs in her own bathroom, but a couple of weeks ago she started to bark after being put down for the night. Since she wanted to be around us, she would stop barking when I went down to reprimand her and could never catch her in the act. It was soooo frustrating.

We bought one of those collars that sprays them with citronella right when they are barking. I only put it on her at night when she has to go to bed. On the third night I was able to leave it off of her and she still did not bark. It's been a godsend!

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