Tuesday, September 29, 2009

doing something different

I have been going stir crazy around here. Chris works from 845 to 730 every day. Sometimes he's home a bit later, or a bit earlier, but that is the norm. Until Christmas when it will be a lot later.

So, being here with the kids for so long in the evenings by myself has been rough on all of us. Until I had the brilliant idea of evening field trips! I have only done them for the past two nights, but it has worked out great.

Last night, we went to the movie store at 630. tonight at 630, we walked to my sister's house and played there for an hour. It was always around 630 that our witching hour began. And no one was happy. But this way, we are all diverted before the ickiness starts.

Now, I'll have to keep thinking about where to go each night. Any ideas?

the best decision ever

this may seem like a small thing to get such a great title, but I swear, almost every day for the past almost 10 months, I have thought about this.

One thing about being a mom that I absolutely despised has been washing bottles. And I mean, I hated it. After the first month with Ivy and then with Bec, I would absolutely dread having to wash bottles. And bottle rings. And nipples. Yuck.

So, with Hendrix, I switched to the Platex nurser bottle. And my life has been amazingly better. I still have to wash rings and nipples and bottles but not with the frequency of before. and ever day that I use these bottles, I think, "I'm so glad that a switched." And then I think about what a genius I am about some things. This is definitely one of them.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

patchouli oil

today I put my fave patchouli oil on my pulse points after I got out of the shower. (Wouldn't it be great if our favorite scents were also fat burner
s?) Anyway, when I went into the kid's room to help Bec put on his clothes, he said, 'It smells so good in here!" then he grabbed some clothes to smell them and he shook his head. Then he grabbed my arm and smelled it and said, 'Mom, it's you. You smell good." Ah, my heart. Ivy normally says, "What stinks?" :)

quiet in my house

the house is so quiet today. The kids aren't here and neither is Chris. I've turned off every electrical noisemaker that I can. The computer is on mute. It is sunny, but with all of the quiet, it could be winter here. I could be out sitting in my outdoor furniture all bundled up and enjoying the cold. It is a very gentle kind of day. I love it when the activity calms.