Saturday, September 26, 2009

patchouli oil

today I put my fave patchouli oil on my pulse points after I got out of the shower. (Wouldn't it be great if our favorite scents were also fat burner
s?) Anyway, when I went into the kid's room to help Bec put on his clothes, he said, 'It smells so good in here!" then he grabbed some clothes to smell them and he shook his head. Then he grabbed my arm and smelled it and said, 'Mom, it's you. You smell good." Ah, my heart. Ivy normally says, "What stinks?" :)


Katie said...

Oh how I love Patchouli oil. I think we are the same person.

Except for that little part where you are a Cougar fan. :P

Mrs. Inqvist said...

I think that little boys can be so much sweeter than little girls sometimes. They really do have a way with mommy's heart.