Friday, March 28, 2008

Sometimes it's Nicer... have a few days by yourself every once in a while!!

My DH is gone for the weekend and I took advantage of the opportunity to clean the toilets and...gasp! COOK SEAFOOD!

He does NOT like fish. Doesn't even like the smell. So when he's here, I refrain from cooking fishy-type stuff (seafood) so that he doesn't get grossed out.

He left this morning, and as soon as I got home from work this afternoon, I pulled the mixed veggies out of the freezer, got out the shrimp, and the soy sauce (real soy sauce, mind you. not the store-bought stuff), pulled out my brand new rice cooker and my grandma's wok, and made stir fry.


I am queen of my domain. I can cook anything I want to for the next two days.

It's good to be queen. Shrimpy good.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

NCAA Basketball

This should have been first on my list of the minimal things that I like about spring. No, my birthday is still number one but boy do I love some basketball.

Especially when the beloved college team actually makes the brackets and then totally kills the opposing team. Go Cougs! Of course, I almost had to take a tranq. when they were tied, but I had faith!

Life will cease to exist in any type of normalcy until the tourney is over. I will cancel any appt just to watch. The kids have out every single movie and toy strewn all over the house. They are partially dressed. They had donuts, carrots, rice and cheese for dinner. With a glass of milk so I don't feel too guilty, but who am I kidding?

I'm off to the tv! Life is great!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Money & Freebies

It doesn't get much better than this.

Not many things in this world are free anymore but this really is! It is truly FREE! My friend Digitalteacup (on Etsy) is offering a free bracelet to anyone who asks. Just send her your address and she will send you this adorable crocheted bracelet. FREE! How much more uber-cool could you get than that?

{ Also check out my store while you are over there... I just listed a super-cool new $10 -Clearance section with tons of great vintage things marked way down! }

Now for the money part...

I just discovered RevolutionMoneyExchange. This site is like PayPal but charges no fees for basic transactions like sending and receiving. It is awesome! For March, if you sign up for an account (no bank account or credit card required), you will get $25 automatically and I will get $10 (through the referral email). Then, for every person your refer in turn, you get another $10. It can build up.

It is a neat deal and a sweet site. Let me know if you are interested!

Okay, I'm done!

A quote to end with:

Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us. ~ Boris Pasternak, Poet

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New puppies!

Bella, my dog, had her puppies today!

There are two girls and a boy, and then there's a picture of Mama. Videos of the puppies are on my blog.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happiness is a $15 manicure!

I've never been one to pamper myself regularly, but after yesterday's experience, I just might start. My sister told me about this nail spa near her house that offers $15 manicures. Having been a stay-at-home mom for three years, my nails look terrible, they are chipped, split and ridged! So, I made an appointment and went in to have my nails done. To my great surpise the $15 service included more than just a simple manicure. The manicurist also cleaned my jewlery, massaged my hands with a lovely smelling lotion and then while I was waiting for my nails to dry, she came over and massaged my back and shoulders. I left having spent only $15 dollars, but feeling like a million bucks.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happiness is. . .

Briefly said...

A comfortable thong.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A tax return

Being self employed for the most part, taxes are a balancing act. So, any year that I actually get money back is like a fluke or something. This year I was so sweatin' it because of our marriage and how it would all play out on the papers for the IRS. I had no clue how we would come out. Would we owe? Chris would have a fit.

My stepdad does taxes for a living. I took my stuff in last week, really not rushing the whole process. We found out a few days ago how the #s came out.

And we don't owe in! We are getting $ back. Paying in always made me VERY sad and VERY jealous of others. But not this year. And that makes me happy.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday!

To 2 of our Happy Girls!

Thursday is Christy's Day

Friday is Catherine's Day

Enjoy and I'm thinking of you both this week.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm Thankful

My mom had a hysterectomy today. She was so nervous about it, and I could TELL.

How could I tell?

Lastnight when I talked to her on the phone, she was making very little sense. She was saying things like "tomorrow when you come over for lunch..." when she knew that I am not going there until Wednesday...

So I went to see her today after work, and I stopped by the gift shop in the hospital lobby to buy her a nice vase (we collect vases, the flowers are just decoration) and a card.

In the card, I wrote:

"Get well soon, from u-ter-us... er...I mean from US TER U!!"

Heh! Get it?? From uterus? Us to you? No?

Well, I thought it was funny anyways.

I am thankful that she had a successful operation and that she is doing ok. She was nervous for nothing! She said that she had thrown up right before I got there, but I told her she was just being a pansy.

(my family is a family of teasers if you hadn't noticed that already. we're only nice to you if we don't like you)

Anyone else had experience with hysterectomy recovery?

Anything special I should do?