Monday, June 29, 2009

10 things that made me happy today

    Here was a post that had been lurking in the archives waiting to be published for a few weeks. It still makes me happy to read it so I'm posting it today

  1. had lunch with my very best friend which we haven't done in over a year.

  2. made a bank deposit

  3. worked on a dear friend

  4. got a coupon for a book that I've been really wanting after I saw it advertised on televisions

  5. went to the library to pick up many books on hold

  6. found a pair of sunglasses at my mom's that look great on me

  7. got to talk to Chris on the phone

  8. all of my kids got individual time with me

  9. hid my car in the garage to avoid door to door salespeople

  10. new facebook friends


I went to college in the beginning for the wrong reasons. Honestly, I had no idea what else to do. My boyfriend was going. I had friends going. My step dad had graduated from the University that I attended. I liked it, but I liked the college atmosphere more than the actual learning that I did. Apart for my art history class, which is my absolute favorite ever. (I still have the textbooks and the class was 19 years ago!)

I remember the day that I quit college. I just woke up and knew that I wouldn't be going back. I didn't even withdraw, which was a huge mistake because it totally messed up my GPA if I ever want to go back.

It took me awhile to figure out what I was going to do with my life. One day I asked myself where I was the happiest in my life. My answer was when I was getting a massage at a local day spa. And with that, my career was clinched.

I still love learning new things within the massage community. there are always new techniques and theories to try out. New products to research. And although it wasn't a college education, I feel that my education is more valuable because it really means something to me besides a piece of paper.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cheese Pizza

I love pizza. I'm the kind of girl that likes different toppings, trying different combinations and pretty much eating any and all pizza that comes into my personal space. My favorite pizza is pineapple with fresh tomato.
It wasn't until I had Becken that I began having cheese pizza. Plain cheese seemed like such a waste. Like a blank canvas, or something unfinished. I never chose cheese as a choice from a pizza buffet. I mean, what's the point of that, right? Well, Bec loves plain cheese pizza. It's his favorite. And since I had him all to myself today, I treated him to a full cheese pizza. And then I ate about half of it. It was really really good. In a simple, dressed down manner. It almost felt like it was cleaner than any other pizza I'd had. This whole experience has me thinking in a different direction. Sometimes less really is better.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm not normally a joiner of any kind. In fact, I try to stay away from anything "club" like on a whole.
But with the certain death of my beloved treadmill, it was time to take matters in to my own hands regarding my exercise situation.
I could replace my treadmill. And I just might do that come fall or winter. But, for some reason, Chris' gym where Ivy has tennis lessons has been calling to me. Maybe it's because I'm there often for ivy's lessons? And to visit my friend who is a massage therapist there. And to swim with my kids and her kids. I must be feeling more comfortable, instead of feeling like an outsider.
My friend could get us in to use the pool when she isn't working, but I found that there were many times on the weekends and during the week when she wasn't available that I wanted to take the older 2 kids swimming. And then I started remembering how much I used to love taking water aerobics before I had kids. And then an unexpected check comes my way in almost the exact amount to join for 3 months. I took it as a very strong hint to join up.
I joined on Tuesday and I have been swimming every single day on my own or with one of the kids. Today I picked up Bec early and just the 2 of us spent the afternoon together. Late at night, I have went swimming in the twilight and then hot tubbed in the jacuzzi under the stars. By myself. Heaven. I tell you, Heaven.
It's been a wonderful choice. (xcept for when I tried to ride the stationary bike for 15 minutes on level zero and thought that i was going to have a heart attack and a stroke!) Let's hope that I keep it up. So far it's made me very happy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Changing Something for the Better

I have always enjoyed that when I go to my sister's house, she has music on. Either someone's ipod or a radio station is playing. And then there is spontaneous dancing by everyone when we are cooking, or eating or just talking. That is how we grew up, and I have a lot of memories of dancing (texas swing and the 2step) with my daddy in the kitchen. So fun. And now, so touching.

My siblings and I know a ton of old country songs, tons of Motown and 60s music. We can sing along with a lot of songs. And I think that is because they were always the background to everything. Chris is amazed at the oldies we can lipsynch to.

Well, there is a quick fix for that! All of this week I've been playing Pandora Radio on the computer as soon as the kids and I walk in the door. It's been pretty noisy and a whole other level of chaos in the house, but the benefits outweigh those. I hope that this will become one of those habits that just become routine.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Doing Something Well

Writing this cracks me up. Ivy believes that I make the best cocoa ever. She won't let her dad make cocoa for her, because I make it so well. I never thought that I would be renowned with my daughter for my hot chocolate making abilities. Maybe my skills as a massage therapist and a frequent avoider of barcode scanners while shopping for the family's clothes.

Want the recipe? It is sooooo complicated.

  1. Run the warm water.
  2. Empty a packet of swiss miss into a cup with a lid.
  3. Fill 1 inch from top with water.
  4. Put on cup lid.
  5. Shake.

SOOOOO GOOD!!! (According to Ivy)


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sparkle Water

I have friends that honeymooned in Europe and mentioned that they did not enjoy the water in the restaurants in Italy. It was always fizzy. They began to order their water plain by the end of the trip.

This is something that I cannot understand. I absolutely love "sparkle water" as we call it in our house. We buy Perrier by the case in 12 oz bottles. And to me and Chris it is such a treat. We rarely drink plain bottled water, always opting for the bubbly. I even mix it with juice for the kids calling it "apple pop" as they only get real pop once on fridays as a celebration for the weekends. If I ever had to write a slimming pills review, I'd surely include my sparkle water hint.

It sure helps me get my water consumption up when I like the kind of water that I'm drinking. But, as one drawback, it is horrible when it goes flat. You just have to make sure to tighten the cap as best as possible!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Looking In the Mirror and Liking What You See

Today has been kind of crazy in a "Saturday with tons of stuff to do" way. A cousin of mine is having a house warming party today and has requested a certain dish that I make for events like this. It is very involved so it takes a bit of time. Chris was invited to golf in a tournament at the same time as the get together, so I was going it alone with my brood of offspring.

As things got closer to the time to go, I kept thinking to myself that I needed to get myself ready as well. I had already showered and let my hair dry. I had gotten dressed in semi clean clothing. I hadn't done any colon cleaning,
but that was about it. :) When I popped into the bathroom to check out the status of my face and hair in the mirror, I looked up and thought, "not bad at all." And walked away doing nothing to said face or hair. Now how happy is that?