Sunday, June 21, 2009

Doing Something Well

Writing this cracks me up. Ivy believes that I make the best cocoa ever. She won't let her dad make cocoa for her, because I make it so well. I never thought that I would be renowned with my daughter for my hot chocolate making abilities. Maybe my skills as a massage therapist and a frequent avoider of barcode scanners while shopping for the family's clothes.

Want the recipe? It is sooooo complicated.

  1. Run the warm water.
  2. Empty a packet of swiss miss into a cup with a lid.
  3. Fill 1 inch from top with water.
  4. Put on cup lid.
  5. Shake.

SOOOOO GOOD!!! (According to Ivy)



Kelly's Ideas said...

Isn't it funny - how our "cooking" is always better than everyone elses.. I love that

KrayonKel said...

Everything is better when mommy does it. :)