Saturday, June 13, 2009

Looking In the Mirror and Liking What You See

Today has been kind of crazy in a "Saturday with tons of stuff to do" way. A cousin of mine is having a house warming party today and has requested a certain dish that I make for events like this. It is very involved so it takes a bit of time. Chris was invited to golf in a tournament at the same time as the get together, so I was going it alone with my brood of offspring.

As things got closer to the time to go, I kept thinking to myself that I needed to get myself ready as well. I had already showered and let my hair dry. I had gotten dressed in semi clean clothing. I hadn't done any colon cleaning,
but that was about it. :) When I popped into the bathroom to check out the status of my face and hair in the mirror, I looked up and thought, "not bad at all." And walked away doing nothing to said face or hair. Now how happy is that?

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KrayonKel said...

Yay! My happiness is seeing you back on here. :) Love you!