Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lawrence Welk

My dad's grandparents used to move the furniture, watch LW and ballroom dance in their living room every week as a couple. This is one of the only stories of them that have been passed down to me from my dad and I have always adored it. I'm sure that many couples in their time did the same thing, but it always stood out to me as one of the most romantic things that I'd ever heard of. Although it probably took place under discount bathroom lights.

So, every once in a while, while flipping channels, I'll come across Mr. LW. I then grab the kid closest to me and "waltz" them around the room and tell them about their great-great-grandparents, Bertha and Oneseme. Then I tell them that Papa Kenny, Grandma Ding and Grandpa Pat are dancing with us.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Yesterday I was able to skip out on my MIL's birthday dinner. C and I struck up a deal where I could have the afternoon and evening to myself while he took the three kids. Then on this coming up Sunday, Super Bowl, I would take all three kids and give him a free afternoon and evening to watch the game with his dad.

This was the perfect arrangement for both of us. Although we still keep in contact by phone, only unlocked phones for this family, having time to yourself and being able to decide how to spend it is so freeing.

Luckily for me, my sister and mom and I had already been planning a Super Bowl party for my side of the family anyway. I'll have a lot of extra hands to help with my 3 rugrats while I gorge myself on party food.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heading back to work

I miss my job! I miss my work!

I get to go back in tomorrow for an appointment! Yeah!

My mom was going to keep Hendrix, but got called out of town, so my Aunt gladly stepped in to watch him. She is so excited. I was panicked because I thought that I'd have to reschedule or cancel my client, but my aunt came through, thank Goodness.

What a difference between heading back to work with Ivy and Bec. Working was the last thing I wanted to do. Now, only 5.5 weeks later, I'm ready!

Things that turn out ok

Yesterday was a day that was not happy. I didn't have to research a lawyer but it was pretty bad.

But looking back on things this morning, the day actually could have been much worse. And I'm thankful that it was what it was when it came down to it.

Being able to see the positive makes me happy. Not super happy, but realistic happy. Dealing with reality happy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happiness is a happy baby!

Here's a look at:

*bottom teeth (by the way, she just barely cut a top one, and is working on the one beside it)

*reviewing what happens during meal-time -- Mommy claps and says "Yay" whenever I take a bite, so I think the thing to do when I'm in my highchair is clap and smile!

*yeah, she still is not very fond of food, and I can't even see her eating her birthday cake in a few months, but she will attack a cup.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Watching Basketball

Watching my nephew play basketball for my old high school team chokes me up. Sitting in that same gym as a senior, I never could have thought that I'd be there, just a few short years (ha) later watching him out on the court. The same gym where I employed best fat burner indoor tennis techniques.

And then having my 3 year old son join in the fun with the rest of the family just makes it that much more special. The family atmosphere of enjoying a game together can't be matched. I love basketball season.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Wonderful Winter Weather

Here in WA, the winter changes. Last week, we had temps around 50 with rain. This week has been foggy and slick. Every day I wake up and check outside to see what has happened through the night. It is always a surprise. A mini surprise every morning to look forward to.

One day this week, I woke to fog and sun. Bright but muted. It was one of the most beautiful mornings that I could remember in my life. And as I drove Bec to nursery school, down more into the valley, it got darker, colder and the fog more dense. In a matter of just a few blocks, change again.

By the end of the day, it was all fogged in again. So far this week, I keep playing that day's weather over and over. A beautiful memory.

As long as this weather holds, I wont be needing a diet pill because this cold calls me outside. It's in the summer when I can't leave the a/c that I need a bit of help.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sanford and Son

Although I don't have home theater seating, I have been watching a ton of television while the baby eats. I have expanded my television channels to include tvland which shows the classics. If you want to hear me laugh out loud, just come on over while I'm watching Sanford and Son. I rarely laugh as well as I do while I'm engrossed in that show.

The clothes, the jive talk, and the topics. What's not to love?

Friday, January 2, 2009


I thought that with the ending of my pregnancy, the ending of my pregnancy cravings would have stopped.


Guess what I asked for in the hospital? Lime jello and a lime popsicle. Did they have them? Nope. Only cherry.

I have drank at least 2 packets of Lime Kool Aid since leaving the hospital. And bought a bottle of limeaid.

And did you remember the craving for Spicy Italian Subs from my local Subway franchise?

Yep. Had half of one last week.

And they are all soooooo good!