Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lawrence Welk

My dad's grandparents used to move the furniture, watch LW and ballroom dance in their living room every week as a couple. This is one of the only stories of them that have been passed down to me from my dad and I have always adored it. I'm sure that many couples in their time did the same thing, but it always stood out to me as one of the most romantic things that I'd ever heard of. Although it probably took place under discount bathroom lights.

So, every once in a while, while flipping channels, I'll come across Mr. LW. I then grab the kid closest to me and "waltz" them around the room and tell them about their great-great-grandparents, Bertha and Oneseme. Then I tell them that Papa Kenny, Grandma Ding and Grandpa Pat are dancing with us.


KrayonKel said...

What a sweet idea! How wonderful to be able to not only pass down memories, but to create new ones for the kids too. :)

Carrie said...

What a sweet story!

My Gramma also used to watch LW!