Sunday, June 26, 2011

going to school

I'm going to school. Not in the traditional sense, as it isn't really traditional school, but I'm going. I'm glad that I'm not wasting my time when I'm not working as much. Learning about skin care products is interesting, but surely not my passion. Homework is kind of fun, and I do like learning new things.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

extended cable

This past weekend Chris called to see how much extra getting some additional HD channels would be on our bill. Of course, it seems that they had a special where we now have a ton of new channels. I'm staying out of the billing part of it, but I am so happy with 2 of our new channels. The first that I love is Boomerang with all of it's old school cartoons. Last night Ivy and I watched Penelope Pitstop and Hong Kong Phooey (sp) and she loved them as much as I remembered. the other one is the Cooking Channel. I love Extra Virgin and they have Nigella too! I haven't seen a Nigella episode in ages. It was so relaxing and brought a smile to my face to watch her again.

Another post about my kids

On nights that I'm at the end of my rope, I really need to sit down and remember the good and happy things that my kids bring to my life. Here is my post for today.

DD is getting ready to graduate from first grade this week. And it seems just right! She brought home a certificate today that she had exemplified the character trait of the month for May which was helpfulness. I'm proud of her.

DS is getting ready to graduate from preschool this week. And it seems appropriate as well. He is ready to be a kindergartener. He has a new tennis racquet that he is sleeping with tonight. He was able to go on a play date on his own this weekend. I'm proud of him.

DB (Dear Baby) is being potty trained and doing so great at his school in his big boy panties. Not so great at home, but we'll take what we can get. We put him back into his crib tonight because he just can't get the handle of the toddler bed. He is right in the middle between baby and toddler. His sassy talk shocks me. But he is so cute I can hardly stand it.