Sunday, March 27, 2011

had my

beautiful baby niece over for a play date today. she is just the most perfect baby girl ever. quiet, happy, cute as can be. Stays away from all office equipment and scanner software since she can't crawl yet.

I couldn't ask for more.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

just a teensy

tiny bit of time for quiet before the husband and the baby get home while the girl and the boy are screaming around downstairs.

This is a very happy moment.

My word these kids are loud.

Done List

Today I have

  • taken Bec to dental appointment

  • called Roto Router about a backflow test

  • called Whirlpool to find out where our water heater part is

  • ordered flowers to be delivered to Bec's dentist office

  • updated Chris on Bec's progress today

  • made Bec 2 bowls of hot cereal and gave him 2 popsicles

  • gave Bec ibuprofen and calming drops

  • changed gauze packs for Becken 4 times

  • called on photo schedule for basketball tonight

  • made eyelash appointment for tomorrow

  • made Hendrix ear dr. appt.

  • worked out for 30 minutes

  • massaged a knot out of my nephew's back

  • did not order a plus size bridesmaid dresses

  • gave becken a bath

  • arranged for Henry's pick up from my niece

I think that's enough by 7 pm :)

we had such great

service at the dental office today that I ended up having flowers delivered to their office to thank them. What a huge differece in experiences from our othe place that we went to. When we pulled up to the office today, Bec said, "Yay, I like this dentist. It's the quiet one."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally tried

the much advertised fruit with oatmeal from our neighborhood coffee shop. And, it was gross! But I'm happy that I finally tried it and got it out of my system! Every night for the past few weeks, I see their reader board and think, "I've got to try that"! And now, one more thing off of my mental list.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sparkling dishes

Well, maybe not sparkling, but I wasn't using the dishwasher this weekend and I set the newly cleaned and rinsed dishes on the counter in the shining window sunlight. It made me happy. Kind of like hanging out laundry to dry, but inside.