Thursday, March 24, 2011

Done List

Today I have

  • taken Bec to dental appointment

  • called Roto Router about a backflow test

  • called Whirlpool to find out where our water heater part is

  • ordered flowers to be delivered to Bec's dentist office

  • updated Chris on Bec's progress today

  • made Bec 2 bowls of hot cereal and gave him 2 popsicles

  • gave Bec ibuprofen and calming drops

  • changed gauze packs for Becken 4 times

  • called on photo schedule for basketball tonight

  • made eyelash appointment for tomorrow

  • made Hendrix ear dr. appt.

  • worked out for 30 minutes

  • massaged a knot out of my nephew's back

  • did not order a plus size bridesmaid dresses

  • gave becken a bath

  • arranged for Henry's pick up from my niece

I think that's enough by 7 pm :)

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