Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10 on Tuesday

I checked for the ten on tuesday link today and I can't find the one for this date. So I'm gonna make up my own. I'm avoiding cleaning my house. I'd rather be doing exercises for arthritis treatment than sweeping the floor at this moment.

Ten Things That Sound Good to Eat Right Now (not necessarily together)
  1. fig newtons
  2. chocolate milk
  3. chow mein
  4. chile rellenos
  5. toasted marshmallow latte
  6. brownies
  7. double quarter pounder with cheese
  8. little dude cheeseburger
  9. corona lite
  10. twirls

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Food tv

i first began to love foodtv when I was first pregnant with Henry and I couldn't actually keep food down. It was heaven to be able to watch food being prepared without having to smell it. Or be the one who was doing the preparing.

This week I thought of another reason that I love having the foodtv channel on our cable listings. Whenever I am watching a show, I don't have to worry about what is going to be heard or seen by my kids. They are able to watch right beside me and I have no fear about what they are witnessing. Chris and I watch that channel more often than any other and the kids are starting to tune in too to certain shows that they like as well. It is turning into a family activity!

Ivy and I love to watch the cooking challenges. Last night was the Pillsbury bake off at some sort of Toronto hotels, or somewhere like that. One day it would be so cool to travel to watch a live challenge. Gotta start saving some $

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And more!

I forgot to mention that this was housekeeper day! So along with the construction sounds, they cleaning sounds of the vacuum, the dishwasher, the washer and the dryer added into to the pleasing sounds to my ears. Who needs a destin florida condo rentals when life at home can be this good?
Really enjoyable is the fact that I'm not doing any of it! I think that is the best part for sure.

I love the sound

of construction! On my house! I am hopefully not going to be dealing with a leaky basement for that much longer. The work going on around here today included digging out the old badly sloped concrete that was covering a huge hole down the north exterior wall. When the rain or thaw ran to that part of the house, the hole would fill and then spread all along under the basement floor causing amounts of water to come into that side of the basement. They are filling the hole and resolving the other drainage issue by installing a window well and repouring the concrete in an eye pleasing fashion. And then with a dry basement, hopefully we can head to Best Buy to get a new tv, so we can put the old one in the basement with the Wii and the kids!

On the south side they are replacing a cracked drainage pipe and extending the runoff drain to the driveway instead of having it close to the house.

Inside they are removing a section of wall and replacing the sheetrock and retaping it. With the above filling of the hole, the water pressure caused the seams to pop and the sheetrock to pull away.

I love it!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Putting the baby to bed

tonight I took the baby around to everyone to say goodnight. Chris was already asleep. Ivy said, "Goodnight baby." Bec says, "Goodnight baby, see you at the morning. Oh, and happy birthday! And Merry Christmas!" I have no idea why, but it was really cute. I'm so glad that I'm able to post these here so I have an online backup of how cute my kids are at this age.

Funny New Year 2

from my friend Misty:

"After careful consideration, I've decided to renew your friendship contract for 2010. I kinda like your ass so don't fuck it up.
...Love you"

That one seriously cracked me up big time. I'm forwarding it for sure!

Funny New year 1

Although we stayed in and were lame last night, I did get some funny text messages from my friends that I read this morning since I was putting off making my resolutions. (Has anyone seen those electronic cigarettes? I'll bet there will be a run on them for everyone quitting smoking this year. they look interesting.)

Here is the first one from my pal lex:
"Before the sun sets, before the memories fade,before the networks get jammed and before I get drunk, naked and lose my phone, I'm wishing you a happy new year!"

So funny!