Saturday, January 23, 2010

Food tv

i first began to love foodtv when I was first pregnant with Henry and I couldn't actually keep food down. It was heaven to be able to watch food being prepared without having to smell it. Or be the one who was doing the preparing.

This week I thought of another reason that I love having the foodtv channel on our cable listings. Whenever I am watching a show, I don't have to worry about what is going to be heard or seen by my kids. They are able to watch right beside me and I have no fear about what they are witnessing. Chris and I watch that channel more often than any other and the kids are starting to tune in too to certain shows that they like as well. It is turning into a family activity!

Ivy and I love to watch the cooking challenges. Last night was the Pillsbury bake off at some sort of Toronto hotels, or somewhere like that. One day it would be so cool to travel to watch a live challenge. Gotta start saving some $

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Mrs. Inqvist said...

My dentist's sister won the Pillsbury Bake Off one year and got a beautiful new kitchen and more. So cool! I love the food channel too.