Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I love the sound

of construction! On my house! I am hopefully not going to be dealing with a leaky basement for that much longer. The work going on around here today included digging out the old badly sloped concrete that was covering a huge hole down the north exterior wall. When the rain or thaw ran to that part of the house, the hole would fill and then spread all along under the basement floor causing amounts of water to come into that side of the basement. They are filling the hole and resolving the other drainage issue by installing a window well and repouring the concrete in an eye pleasing fashion. And then with a dry basement, hopefully we can head to Best Buy to get a new tv, so we can put the old one in the basement with the Wii and the kids!

On the south side they are replacing a cracked drainage pipe and extending the runoff drain to the driveway instead of having it close to the house.

Inside they are removing a section of wall and replacing the sheetrock and retaping it. With the above filling of the hole, the water pressure caused the seams to pop and the sheetrock to pull away.

I love it!

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