Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cheese Pizza

I love pizza. I'm the kind of girl that likes different toppings, trying different combinations and pretty much eating any and all pizza that comes into my personal space. My favorite pizza is pineapple with fresh tomato.
It wasn't until I had Becken that I began having cheese pizza. Plain cheese seemed like such a waste. Like a blank canvas, or something unfinished. I never chose cheese as a choice from a pizza buffet. I mean, what's the point of that, right? Well, Bec loves plain cheese pizza. It's his favorite. And since I had him all to myself today, I treated him to a full cheese pizza. And then I ate about half of it. It was really really good. In a simple, dressed down manner. It almost felt like it was cleaner than any other pizza I'd had. This whole experience has me thinking in a different direction. Sometimes less really is better.

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KrayonKel said...

Mmmm... pizza. I'll eat pretty much anything. Which is sorta my problem.