Saturday, March 8, 2008

A tax return

Being self employed for the most part, taxes are a balancing act. So, any year that I actually get money back is like a fluke or something. This year I was so sweatin' it because of our marriage and how it would all play out on the papers for the IRS. I had no clue how we would come out. Would we owe? Chris would have a fit.

My stepdad does taxes for a living. I took my stuff in last week, really not rushing the whole process. We found out a few days ago how the #s came out.

And we don't owe in! We are getting $ back. Paying in always made me VERY sad and VERY jealous of others. But not this year. And that makes me happy.


Katya said...

Awesome for you! Yay!

I still have to do mine. Argh. You'd think I'd jump on it, with the whole unemployed thing, but I'm dragging.

alisonwonderland said...

put that refund to good use, my friend! :)

Catherine said...

YAY for not owing, and double YAY for getting money back!!! Whoohooo!!!