Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My First Ever Post

This was my first blog post on my old blog. That was almost 3 years ago! Anyway, I thought that entry fit the purpose of this blog as well. So enjoy!


Someone should write a poem about swinging. As an adult, I have found a true appreciation for this "childish activity." Many times—especially in the autumn—I'll slip away to a park and savor this gust of joy. The breeze in my hair. The freedom of dancing out of arm's reach. Forward. Backward. The innocent pleasure of being a child. All I do is close my eyes and fly. It's simple to imagine those chains releasing as I shoot toward the sky and away from all cares.

Corporate America should have recess instead of coffee breaks. A big swing set instead of vending machines.


Karianne said...

How funny that your first post ever, fits your first post here.

There is an artist in our community that painted a canvas of an elderly man pushing an elderly woman on a swing. She said that there was a park across from her apartment and that they would walk over everday and he would push her on the swings. I've always thought that was the best story ever and wish that I could have seen it in person.

Melissa said...

Kel--a delightful idea, and a precious story.

I guess that's why kids go from their "highs" to their "lows" at the drop of a hat....we see them acting like freaks and say, "Do you want to go swing/play/build legos?" and there's instant happiness.

Reminds of those commercials where the pharmacist hands a bike/running shoes/tennis racket over the counter and admonishes the recipient to "take twice a day for about 30 minutes"....when did we forget the value and joy of playing.

Karen Beth said...

I love to swing. When I used to swing with my best friend, we would chant "Back and forth, back and forth". That brings back memories!

Anonymous said...
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