Friday, July 18, 2008

A Friend that Feeds Me

In more ways than one! She feed my mind, my hopes, my emotions, and my family. And I appreciate it to no end.

Vegetarians, avert your eyes...

Look what Lex brought to me at work the other day:

Two huge T-bone steaks straight from her freezer! We saved them for the weekend when Chris grilled them with salt and pepper only. This was the first incredible taste of red meat that I had since getting pregnant and it was heaven.

The next night we had this:

Steak salad! Which is one of my favorite meals in the universe. This time I had to avoid the crumbled cheese scattered all over the top, but it was still amazing.
Now I'm hungry.


Anonymous said...

Love You


Catherine said...

awww!! What a wonderful friend!!!!

lol Karianne now I'm hungry too!! And i'm not a meat eater!! hehehehe


PiesBonitos said...

That looks YUMMY!