Monday, May 18, 2009


I think that I've found the secret to a happy family on the weekends. Staying busy.

Husband has joined my brother's softball team and our family is all the better for it. All weekend has revolved around some sort of sports and being outside. Actually enjoying the super warm weather. (did I just write that? can't be!) Watching the kids enjoying all that there is to offer.

I remember thinking this weekend how much having the kids has brought to my life. I was out and about, loving just being with them and being active. In my pre kid life I would have been out to coffee probably, heading to a bookstore, then home to read. Possibly trying to play piano.
Trying to stay in the vicinity of air conditioning. And, as I now see, missing out on the fun.

Thinking back to the Easter weekend, we have been running and enjoying every weekend since. And on each weekend I can remember either Chris or I saying, "what a nice weekend".

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Kelly's Ideas said...

Those are the best kind of weekends..Enjoy!