Monday, July 13, 2009

enjoying my kids

A lot of times, the care of having children is difficult. Even at times can be described as frustrating, upsetting and tiring.

But, there are also times, hopefully more frequent than the other times that are very enjoyable and make you feel so totally in love, once again, with your kids. And makes you so thankful that you even have kids.

I'm learning that having an easy baby makes for an easy lifestyle. Also having my older kids growing up makes things very easy too. We were able to take all of the kids out of town this weekend for a special trip to see and ride Thomas the Train. (I'll post photos later) With our first baby, there would have been no way that we would have been able to take her anywhere close to doing anything like that. Even going to the store was too stressful. I would have rather had colon cleansing.

On Saturday, it couldn't have gone any better. They were all so good. And Chris and I have learned travel tricks as well. Like setting out for our destination right before nap time and wearing them out as much as possible before that. Putting on a pull up on the recently potty trained kid to avoid accidents. Packing little snacks and toys. Letting them bring their "computers" to play with while they are awake.

Maybe we'll end up doing these things more often.

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KrayonKel said...

I'm in amazed of "tricks." I wish there was a handbook you got that would "pop up" like old VH1 music videos.