Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

One of my favorite kids movies. I was so thankful when Ivy picked it out at the movie store tonight. She and Bec also picked out Mario Galaxy 2 which they are trying to figure out.

Our routine is that after they are ready for bed, they climb into the covers and I put on a movie. They switch nights that they get to pick. Anyway, back to BHC, the part that cracks me up is when Rachael is reprimanding Sam the gardener about his dog, saying, "Muy bad. Muy muy bad! Mucho naughty!" Every time that part comes on I laugh and then for a couple of days afterwards, I say that to the kids when they act up. They crack up too. Plus, I love the main actress who I totally cannot think of her name, oh, Jamie Lee Curtis! You can tell that woman uses eye creams that work. She looks so amazing.

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