Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My photo and 7 random things

First off, I want to apologize for not being here in forever. I've had severe morning sickness that has been pretty debilitating, and I ashamed to say I fell of the wagon and haven't gotten back on. I'm feeling a little more human for the past week, so I wanted to post!
The first picture is me at 14 weeks pregnant. (I am currently 17 1/2 weeks.) Don't mind my son, he thinks it's hilarious to lick my stomach. (Don't ask - he's a boy!)
1. I got married in a field. In my bare feet.
2.I love long lazy mornings when all 4 of us (myself, hubby, and two songs) all snuggle in our bed before we get up for the day.
3.My Christmas shopping is 90%+ done!
4. I am a die-hard bargain shopper, and am super proud of my 'gift closet' (where I store great deals for random gifts. I seldom have to go shopping for showers, birthday parties, etc.).
5. My knees are double jointed. As well as my thumbs.
6. I flipped my husband's car less than a year after we were married, in the first snow storm of the season. 5 years later I am just learning not to have panic attacks driving in inclement weather.
7. I talk to my mom at least 2x daily on the phone, usually more. And I haven't lived at home for almost 7 years.


Ashley Winters said...

You are absolutely gorgeous! Your son is a cutie too!

alisonwonderland said...

hey, cutie! glad to hear you're starting to feel human again. since you're about done with yours, will you do my holiday shopping for me? :)

Karianne said...

You are TINY being pregnant. and sooo cute! Loving the pics.

Melissa said...

My beautiful friend! You are just perfectly darling. Ok, the pg picture is precious (and boys are just weird, I think). I can't wait to see more belly shots as you get "big" (although I'm using that word loosely because apparently you and I have different ideas about "big".

3 Beauties said...

I was about to complain about how grossly tiny and beautiful you look at a point when I looked like I swolled a volley ball. But I remebered that you have spent most of your 17.5 weeks wishing you could stop puking. So here is the one fabulous hip-hip hoooraaa! for you. What a cute little man standing with you.

Your 7 are neato!