Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chocolate Cake Shooters

I never did follow up with the $100 shopping spree and thank goodness I didn't!

Today I watched my beloved Cougs lose to our rivals. To ease my pain, I had quite a few chocolate cake shooters. YUM!!

To also ease my pain, C asked if I wanted to go buy a Wii. Excuse me? I have wanted one for 3 years, thank you very much!!

Now we are home. He is making mac and cheese while reading Wii set up directions. H is asleep. I and B are watching cartoons trying to be patient for the game set up.

Apart from the WSU loss, today has been wonderful. And I'm sure it is in large part due to the title of this post...

Hopefully, I'll be this happy tomorrow! I know that the led lighting isn't going to be helpful to stave off a hangover. Maybe I'll stick to lights out!

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Carrie said...

How exciting! What games did you get? I hope you're loving it!