Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yard Sale Date Set

For next week at my cousin's house! Sometimes I hear about the date and get flustered because I know that I have tons of stuff to get rid of, but just can't bring myself to sort and price and haul. Other times I feel pretty neutral about it, thinking that even if I don't have stuff to sell, I can still hang out with family and Ivy can hang with her best friend and second cousin without setting up an alternate play date.

Or, like this week, I am so jazzed to be involved in the yard sale loop. And why is that, you ask? Because you should see the tire sized bags full of crap that I've been collecting all year! Including almost all of my maternity clothes and donated baby items that I did not use. Of course, none of it is priced. BUT, I know where these large bags are stashed and I cannot tell you how wonderful it will be to haul them out of here! We're gonna need a barcode scanner for this sale.

Let's hope that the weather holds...

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