Monday, April 6, 2009

Date Night

Joel and I eat out a lot, but when we do, it doesn't always feel like a "date." Saturday we had our first date night since getting married. I bought a dress. He planned a dinner at a nice sushi restaurant and then we saw the movie Duplicity. We had a really good time. After getting on each others' nerves a few times the last few weekends, it really helped to go out and be flirty with each other again.

A final chuckle to leave you with: Joel wasn't the only one who liked me new blue sundress. The wind REALLY loved it, and I came VERY close to reenacting a Marilyn Monroe moment. Joel couldn't help but snicker as I was doing my best to keep my skirt at my knees! Next time I need to remember to wear a slip! I wore my new black lacy panties for Joel to see—not anybody else! ;)


Katie said...

I wish Richard would take me on a date. Sounds like fun.

Carrie said...

The last sentance had me giggling. :)

Anonymous said...