Monday, April 5, 2010

New Pants

The other day I went to Dillard's because I had a little bit left on a gift card from Christmas, and I desperately needed some new pants for work. It was a reward of sorts for dropping a size. My old work pants weren't fitting as well and were never that comfortable. I was also looking for something that was more in the business casual classification. I only own business or casual—nothing in between.

So I was a little annoyed because I couldn't find my gift card. However I went ahead and looked. And I found 2 pair of khakis (one dark brown, one tan) that were my new size, petite length, AND on sale for—get this—$9 a piece! Whooo hooo!

I've been wearing them for a week, and I'm loving them. They aren't necessarily the most stylish with the waist line hitting me above my belly button, but they are comfortable and go with all my tops. (And it is much better than showing my butt crack when I sit down!) Plus I have a pair of business casual shoes that work perfect with the pants. They are basically sneakers but they look nicer. With these, I can go for walks at lunch.

AND one final thing, I washed and dried them and they didn't shrink. Perfect. Maybe now I won't be depressed when Casual Friday is canceled due to a client visit. I have something almost as good at jeans. :)

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Karianne said...

9 dollars??? I didn't even realize that there was a category for business casual. And, I would love to find pants that went over my belly button. I'm really tired of low rise. Not flattering on my body type at this point in my life. Bring on the mom jeans!