Sunday, April 4, 2010

When things get easier

This year for Easter, things have went smoothly. When Chris and I were first together and new parents, any holiday was cause for a huge fight that would last before and after the actual day. for awhile there, I thought that this would never change.

But here and there, there were signs of improvement. Like slowly waiting for acne body wash to improve your appearance. And today was a sure sign of pure happiness in our family. I think that he has gotten to the point of letting go of the house and of being the "host" when my family comes over. He can be himself, let our house be like it is on any other day and just sit back and enjoy the company without having to stress about things being perfect. It makes all of our lives so much easier.

And I've learned to let go of his behaviour. Just let him do what he needs to to feel comfortable and in control, while going on with my own business. Maybe this is what it is all about

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KrayonKel said...

It is a balance. Joel and I have been using this last year to figure that stuff out too. I'm probably more like Chris because I feel like the house reflects on me. What I try to convince Joel is that I'm not as bad as others are with their homes. I just want it to APPEAR somewhat organize. Other people anally want everything REALLY organized. ;D

We had a great Easter with family. It all came together. So good to see family.