Thursday, August 14, 2008

They are home!

Whenever my mom, sis and brother all leave at the same time I am a bundle of nerves and miss them like crazy. Forget that they are all at the top of the "rescue me from my own kids" list, I talk and or see each one of them every single day. And then to top it off, they usually take their kids with them, so I miss all of them too. (they went to a huge waterpark many hours away for a few days. My kids are too little to enjoy it this year)

This year, Ivy really missed my mom. Each day it was harder and harder for her to be herself without getting her Mema fix. When she ran into my mom's arms I could see her physically relax. Like, all is ok. My life is now back to normal. I felt so good for Ivy to have so many true loves in her life.

This weekend I'm gone for 3 days. I'm doing a journaling workshop with one of my favorite artists. It's the first time I have ever left the kids with their dad for the weekend. It's about time, don't ya think? And boy, do I need it! You know, I am taking the intra uterine one with me, so he is getting a better deal than I normally do. Could you imagine if I could leave Hendrix in his belly for a few days? Now that would be very interesting.

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