Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Shirts

Last Saturday was my dad's birthday. Kelly helped me out with the image for my kids' tee shirts, displaying my Dad's photo along with the words, "I love my papa Kenny!" Hopefully you can see how adorable they turned out. And I also bought a onesie with the same design for Hendrix. It will be so cool to have all 3 of them wearing the same thing.

Jarod and Landi and I all agree that this year has been the easiest of his birthdays so far. Still sad, but much, much better.

Bec is still being a turkey about getting his pics taken. That kid. You would think that I was asking him to apply for North Carolina health insurance the way he refuses to look happy.


Ashley Winters said...

The kids look sooo cute in their new Tee Shirts. What a great idea! Sorry that I haven't posted lately. I am adjusting to being a single working mother.


KrayonKel said...

Ha ha! Bec is cute even when he's making faces.

Glad they came out! :)

Anonymous said...

Two cuties!

Catherine said...

I agree with Kelly... two adorable babies even with the frowny face!!! I love the tee shirts!!