Friday, November 21, 2008

Clothes that fit

I am coming to the very end of being able to find outfits that fit comfortably. I love a trendy ensemble. I'll do minor suffering to complete a look. But not while I'm this pregnant!
For the sake of courtesy I try to spruce up before leaving the house. No one that isn't married to me needs to see me in my ratty old blue robe wearing one of Chris' discarded shirts with no pants and a pair of chunky knit socks, maybe some headphones
Thank goodness Ivy is still too young yet to be giving me fashion advice. I know that day will come, and I'm so glad that it isn't today!
So, today my Old Navy berry colored maternity sweat suit is making me very happy. Ahhh, it fits!


Pretty Momma said...

I remember that stage, where comfort is truly everything!

Pretty Momma said...

Woops, signed in under different google name. It's me, Carrie. :)