Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Thursday 13, 2 days late

Happy things from this week. I may need to rack my brains, but I know that there have to be at least 13 things!
  1. I got out the state bills for daycare. Although they were a few days late, they got done.
  2. I got Becken to both of his soccer games.
  3. I found out that a friend of mine is throwing me a baby shower, which is very unexpected.
  4. I came up with a schedule that kind of keeps up with keeping the pelvic pain in check.
  5. The weather has been so refreshing and cold that I've been able to walk outside a few times.
  6. I put in an order for butter braids for Thanksgiving morning.
  7. Bec went potty in the toilet twice!
  8. The kids, me and Hendrix all took a bath together last night and we all fit. Barely.
  9. Watching Ivy being a sideline coach for Becken at soccer. That girl is relentless
  10. Finding .99 cent deals for sleepers for Hendrix at Goodwill.
  11. Having to borrow sweatshirts from my nephew because everything of mine does not fit.
  12. Showing up to work and having 2 new maternity shirts from my cousin as a surprise.
  13. Not having to worry about diet supplement pills for another couple of months.

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