Tuesday, August 11, 2009

acorn squash

one of the last things that my dad ever gave me was a large amount of squash. He had gotten a huge trunk full of all different types of squash. It was in the parking lot of my littlest brother's high school stadium where he was playing football. I remember thinking how much I loved my community at that moment. Living in an agricultural area, not even thinking about needing moving companies New York.

I have always loved baked acorn squash. And now, whenever I have one, I think of my dad. and even better, I think of my dad providing for me.

I'm baking a squash right now that was a gift from our housekeeper's garden. The kids ate corn from her first harvest. The smell in the house is heaven. My kids are full with quality food, given to them with love. It's a good night.

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