Sunday, May 9, 2010

large leaps

and small steps. The house has started to become more "us". We have had some major painting done, replaced some furniture and now we are having the outside painted. With each little personalization, (not including the new basement dehumidifier into that category) the house becomes ours.

But, I'm noticing more that it is the little things that really make it feel like home. I'm thinking about when I went to the basement and brought up some art prints I had done a while back. I set them up in our bedroom. They don't match. It doesn't "add" anything to the room from a design point. But each night when I fall asleep and look at them, I feel at home.

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KrayonKel said...

How wonderful! I love that feeling. It is nice when a house/apt becomes a home. And then there are those times when it feel too homey. Example: my bedroom is a MESS of laundry. Ugh. ;)