Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Fifteen

Fifteen things that made me happy today (so far)

  1. giving an almost perfect massage to one of my clients first thing this morning. there are times as a therapist when you really get into the groove of someone's energy and you subconsciously react to it. This can go well or badly at times. When my flow hits, it feels like I have taken the massage to the next level of care. When I leave my treatment room it is like coming out of a trance, being in an altered state. It happens now and again, but when it does it is so rewarding. And you can't control it either. It works or not. Today it worked perfectly.
  2. Chris and I finally deciding as a team that the kids are sleeping in their rooms from now one. Starting tonight. Peace be with us.
  3. Having appts on Sunday. Whenever I work on Sunday, my weekend turns out very well.
  4. We have a sitter for tonight and she called to say she can come 30 minutes early! If Chris isn't off of work by then, I'm going to wait for him at Borders by myself. And I have a gift card there.
  5. Going to Ross and finding adorable cards to send my thank yous out on.
  6. Finding Ivy the cutest little swimsuit known to man. She hates it, and has refused to try it on, but it is still the absolute cutest.
  7. Coming home from my mom's with a box filled of goodies for me and my kids. Wipes, string cheese, frozen yogurt, doritos, milk. That woman always thinks of us while shopping and saves us so much money.
  8. Time to blog thoughtfully and deeply, just for me, but hoping you guys get something out of it too.
  9. Listening to "My life in france" by Julia Child in the car. So interesting and makes driving bearable.
  10. re-reading the shell seekers and enjoying the rereading.
  11. Anticipating the look on Chris' face when I show him the Nike short outfits that I bought for Bec. He will be thrilled because Bec will match him. He already calls him mini-me!
  12. Beginning to plan my brother's 30 birthday in September. We are doing another prom fundraiser like we did for mine last year. This time we are doing pancreatic cancer fundraising for my dad's memory. We have the hall secured for the date that we want. Now, we are trying to think of a theme. Black and white? 70s? Western? My vote is black and white because I found the cutest dress that I could wear. But, it is J's choice. His birthday and all...
  13. Gus. (Gus is bittersweet) I have to write about him and I hope that I will today on my pc blog. Every year I try to write, but the words won't come. I want to share him with you, but it is hard still. Auntie loves you and misses you baby boy. Happy birthday. I am going to read your book to Ivy and Bec today and will show them your pictures.
  14. Do you remember the email I sent out looking for Domino magazine? Well one of my clients responded, telling me that she gets 22 subscriptions to different magazines and would start saving them for me. I went to her house to pick up what she has so far and my trunk has 3 paper handled shopping bags full. I had to carry them using 2 hands.
  15. My neck. This is another long post that goes back years that I need to share, but the short version is that my neck is getting better.


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so much happiness! thanks for sharing!