Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Carrie and Karianne

I knew that Karianne's birthday was coming up because she referred to her "birthday weekend" in an email to me.

But I did not know that it was Carrie's birthday as well this past week until I looked at all the birthday dates in the email that Kelly sent out!

Pretend this email was sent out LAST Monday...

Happy Birthday to Carrie on Thursday!

Happy Birthday to Karianne on Saturday!

I hope you two ladies each had a wonderful birthday!

Sorry I'm so late. :)


KrayonKel said...

Don't Forget Natalie! We have 3 birthdays in a row. :)

Happy Birthday, Natalie!!!!

Ashley Winters said...

Happy Birthday to all!

PiesBonitos said...

Thank you, girls!! :)