Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh Happy Weekend!!! :)

Karianne! Love ya girlie!

The weather is gorgeous today! I love my new job! My new happy pills (thank you Karianne) are not only making me feel better already, but they are making me unhungry, so I'm hoping to continue the weight loss that had stalled over the past few months!!!!

I love my job! I had a fabulous shopping day yesterday with an ever more fabulous friend!

Deep breath. Sip of coffee. Tips head up to the sunshine (as I type this from my deck)... Life. Is. Good.


Karianne said...

Wow! Already you have had a shift. If it is anything like my experience, Cath, you will feel as if you are experiencing a miracle.

AND, I also lost weight with the new meds. I have learned that a heightened awareness of all of the senses is possible. When I first noticed it, I told my gal, "I actually tasted a strawberry this week. And asparagus." And the yucky stuff I had been eating, didn't sound good at all.

I hope that it all keeps going up and up and up!

Karen Beth said...

What happy pills? Do tell!