Friday, September 26, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Are any of you guys getting sick of this Christmas theme yet? I'm not really a Christmas fan as much as a winter fan, but Christmas is really on my mind this year. And of course, I'm attributing this to Hendrix's arrival.
I keep telling him to stay in until after Christmas, but who's to say if he actually will?
So, I'm trying to think ahead about Christmas and shopping and gifts. Thankfully we already bought our fake tree last year, so we can set that up right after Thanksgiving. To complicate things, Chris' birthday is on December 1st, so that increases the gift buying and giving chores. But this year, I have a jump on his gift. A set of personalized pens. I may have written about them before, because I ordered them with a family photo on them and he adores them. Instead of having to carry around a photo at work, he just uses the special pens. I'll be making that a tradition.

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