Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pancakes for Dinner

Today my aunt called me. She asked me to come across the street to her house for pancakes tonight. (Something the children will actually eat.) With my husband gone from morning until night on school days, it gets lonesome at times, as well as monotonous. So the change of scenery was perfect. Plus, I didn't have to cook!


KrayonKel said...


Who is Pretty Momma? :) I don't remember that user name.

Karianne said...

Pretty momma is Carrie! She changed her username a bit back.

I LOVE breakfast for dinner and I love it when someone else cooks. I always end up cooking 2 or 3 different dinners a night. I fought it for a long time, but then I had to accept it.

Pretty Momma said...

Sorry - it's me. Everyone kept asking me what Pies Bonitos was. (prettyfeet), so I switched it up. I couldn't figure out what to call myself and Luke said you're going to be Pretty Momma. :P haha

I try not to comment under Pretty Momma, but rather use my name/url, but when I post, it comes up under Pretty Momma. :P