Friday, February 5, 2010

I can see!


If you could see my 3 pairs of glasses that I own, you would crack up. One pair is very ugly and early 90s kind of style. My other two are more in style, but they each only have 1 arm to hook over my ear. The latest adjustment to these glasses were brought on by Becken when he was littler and trying to "help" mommy with putting her glasses on.

Contacts are great but I only use them when I'm going out or want to change the color of my eyes. Otherwise, I stick to not being able to see.
Today I picked up 2 new pairs of glasses that I FINALLY ordered. I'm amazed as always how much better I can see when I put them on. Let's just see how long they last.

Maybe if I ever get around to buying a cell phone signal booster, I"ll be able to hear better as well. That will be pretty far down on the list I think.

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