Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/14/08 Happy Things

  • The days are getting noticeably longer!

  • My 8yo son ("Sugar Bear") responded to my comment that we were going to be late to his school reading night because I hadn't even put on my make-up yet by saying, "I think you look good like you are right now."

  • I am thinking of all of you on this Valentine's Day.


Karianne said...

When I first started this blog I envisioned all of us doing posts just like this one. I loved reading it. And Sugar Bear is so sweet. Something must be in the air because my 2 have been xtra sugary as well. Let's hope it lasts!

Karen Beth said...

My happy thing for this Valentine's Day is ~

Being single... means I'm not with the wrong man. :)

Melissa said...

yay for those delightful little comments!

KB---made me laugh; I SO get what you're saying. :)

Ashley Winters said...

Yes, I love the longer days. Come on spring!