Thursday, February 28, 2008

Desperately Seeking Positive Vibes

Last September, my family and I moved to Illinois. Since then, I have received my IL teaching certificate(s). I am approved to teach K-6 (self-contained classroom), middle school language arts and social studies, as well as reading. Additionally, I am a Reading Specialist and have three years of successful teaching working as a middle school language arts teacher. Sounds like I'm set, right? I'm ready to go out there and find a great teaching job? Well, that's what I thought at first, but lately, I have been hearing a lot of negative feedback from well-meaning 'friends' such as:

*You'll have to get a job far away because you will never break into the districts here. (Here being the Northshore of Chicago where I recently moved to!)

*Maybe you can spend next year working as a teacher's aide!

*You should try subbing on a day-to-day basis! (Not possible with no permanent child care at this time.)

These are only a few of the negative statements that I have heard. There are more, but I think you can get the general message here. The vibes are bad and weighing me down.

Please girls, I really would love to hear some positive statements today. I have gone through a lot just to move here and I really need a full-time teaching job that pays well to support my two children. Going back to work is not an option for me at this time.


alisonwonderland said...

i'm sending lots of happy thoughts and hugs to you today!

btw i'm just contrary enough to end up doing whatever has to be done to be successful when people are telling me i can't do something. good luck!

Karianne said...

Alison hit the nail on the head! You'll just have to show the negative sayers that those rules just don't apply to you :)

I'm sorry that it (maybe) turning out to be more difficult than anticipated. That's hard. But you can do it!

I'd hire you in a heartbeat! Just have them give me a call. :)

Katiefucious said...

Just keep trying, girl! You'll find something!

I'm almost in that boat now!! I will be looking for a teaching job here in middle school/high school.

We are thinking about you here. :)

Melissa said...

Phoooey on the naysayers. You just never know! When I first applied in this district, I had zillions of people say similar things---I'd have to sub for a couple years to get my name out there, I'd never get hired because I didn't know anyone, etc. It really does wear on you. (and, incidentally, I DID get hired even without subbing or 'knowing' anyone. you just never know---and being sped (is that what I gathered?) I would think you may have a stronger chance with your specific qualifications)

Don't lose hope! You are qualified, you have experience to back you up, you're willing to go the extra mile. You will make a good impression at the interviews you'll have! I'm rooting for you.

Ashley Winters said...

Thanks for the positive messages. I'm feeling better today. As Oprah is fond of saying, "Surround yourself only with positive people." I'm working on it!

Karen Beth said...

Chin up, dearie, and phht on those dratheads! What do they know anyway!??

Just wondering... do you have a vision board? If not, make one and put your dream job on it! If you do that, you'll have what you want in no time flat!

Sending all the good vibes you can imagine!!


Karen Beth :)

3 Beauties said...

The power of positive thinking is always better than the negative. But the negative seem to have louder voices. So on your behalf I send out a rather loud "shut your pie hole" to those Negative Nancies.

You will find what you need. It may not look like it at first blush, but it will come.

I have faith you will be great! We are all here for you! Keep up the good work.