Friday, February 22, 2008


I have only started to get cold sores since I have been in my 20s, but I think that they rank up at the bane of my existence. They hurt so bad! I had no clue.

Enter Abreva. This stuff is amazing. The cold sore that started just a few days ago is practically gone. Enough so I can put on lipstick and you can't even tell.

Abreva makes my pain and my face happy.


Katiefucious said...

You know what makes ME happy?

Flaxseed pillows.


Karen Beth said...

Funny that you bring up cold sores right now... I have one as big as my HEAD in the corner of my mouth. Ugh. It is painful and so unsightly. Just horrid. I use lysine salve and take lysine supplements too. It isn't working this time so I need to drag out my Abreva, I think. Thanks for the reminder.

You rock, as always!

Love you!

carrie said...

Hey, a happy face is a happy day!

3 Beauties said...


I like happy faces and no pain.

Good luck with keeping them at bay!

Anonymous said...

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