Friday, March 5, 2010

homeschool week one

Well, today will be our 3rd homeschool day for this week. The afternoons have been Monday, Thursday and Friday. We have had only 1 major breakdown which is a huge success compared to the 3-6 we normally have. She hasn't been "sick" or got sent home either. There have not been any naps, in fact, her energy and appetite are much better. We haven't needed to install our home security systems yet, as she and I seem to be home quite a bit now. Don't worry though, I'll be throwing in some field trips soon.

Her projects have been a blast and she has learned a lot and so have I.

Many things to be happy about in this situation.


CrisisMaven said...

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KrayonKel said...

cool! I can't wait to see the art projects! :)

Mrs. Inqvist said...