Saturday, March 20, 2010

I feel a plan forming

Chris has been focused on redecorating his bathroom for several weeks. Kind of like I focus on quick weight loss JK
During his planning, he will ask me, things like if I have thought of a light fixture for my bathroom (which is also the main bathroom of the house). What paint I'm considering. flooring? I ask him maybe not so calmly to leave me alone, I haven't thought of it yet. And to get off my back and focus on his own stuff. (Can you tell I'm kind of uncomfortable with this kind of stuff? I'm sure no one who reads this is surprised! )

We used a beautiful color in the bedrooms in our old house. I adored it. I have decided to have my bathroom painted in that same color. (The painter comes on Monday)

Well, as soon as I decided on a color, things started to happen. I found a beautiful vintage mirror in an antique shop last week. Which reminded me that my ma gave me an etched mirror that was used in my grandma's house while my ma was growing up. I picked up the mirror today and went to show it to my ma. I told her my deco plan. She then gave me an early bday present and gave me a vintage mirror that she found in the basement of her house when she moved in 13 years ago. :)

I had all of the mirrors strung with wire at a framers this afternoon. I hope that it works out like I'm thinking.

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