Thursday, March 25, 2010

Someone who wants to work

Our house needs a lot of little things done to it to make it feel more like "ours". The main updating of major things like electrical systems, etc have been done. But, the decor has been described to me as, "Um, Karianne, 1983 called and it needs it's wallpaper back." So true.

Chris of course, can barely handle any of this on any given day, so right after we signed for the house, he tackled his bathroom. Now, he doesn't have the time to really do anything around the house, but his bathroom is painted. He removed the wallpaper using minor industrial products
and took down the fixtures. S L O W G O I N G.

I hired a friend of mine to paint the main bathroom and trim. It looks gorgeous and she only charged us $100 and that included the paint. HEAVENLY!!

But the best is that she called me tonight and said that while we are away on a little trip in the near future, she could come in and re do our kitchen cabinets! I'm over the moon about this. Don't worry, I'm taking photos to share before and afters with you all. I hope that it turns out as great as we think.

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