Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1/2/08 Happy Things

  • Warm socks - fuzzy and green

  • Eating s'mores (made for me by my resident 8yo chef)

  • A whole year of reading ahead of me!
    (If you've never visited my book blog, I'd love to have you stop by!)

  • That fact that it feels like Monday but it's already Wednesday; Friday will be here before I know it!


KrayonKel said...

I LOVE that the week is almost over! Yay!

Karianne said...

I love socks! Not especially matching them, but wearing them.

Thanks again for the goodreads invite. I'm spending more time there than I am reading.

3 Beauties said...


That has made me smile already!

Melissa said...

I love warm fuzzy socks....I even like sleeping with socks. Weird, eh?