Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Wiz! 1/3/08

On an errand at Best Buy today, I came upon a copy of The Wiz! I adore this movie!

Alas, C,I, and B aren't too interested, but I've been enchanted. Reliving a beloved childhood movie. I texted my sis, saying "These guys aren't too taken by The Wiz." She texted back, "party poopers! Watch it by yourself and sing really loud."

Great advice.


KrayonKel said...

10 years ago, my aunt who lives in San Fran and I went to see the Wiz in Oakland. It was great! Did you see Tin Man on the Sci Fi channel recently?

3 Beauties said...

Sing REALLY loudly! And don't forget to dance and skip along ;)

3 Beauties said...
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